Stakeholder Strategy Development

Stakeholders are those who touch your business and have a stake, direct or indirect, in your success. To prosper, you need:

  • Customers who share their needs and value your products and services
  • Vendors who offer reliable components or services at fair prices
  • Skilled employees with a commitment to success
  • Owners or shareholders who are committed to the organization
  • Partners who help you add value or connect with customers
  • Communities in which to live and work
  • A hospitable natural environment

Theorists argue that shareholders – the equity owners of the company – must share the benefits with other stakeholders. ELA helps you go beyond theories, to find practical, strategic competitive advantage in these critical relationships. Our approach identifies the win-win opportunities: investments in stakeholder relationships that improve the business in measurable ways.

Deliverables are balanced, practical strategies that deliver measurable business results by improving the ethics of your stakeholder relationships.

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