Individual Leadership Coaching

We believe that leadership development happens in relationship with others. Our Coaching program allows leaders the opportunity to work one-on-one with an experienced, highly trained professional. Ethical Leadership in Action has a cadre of coaches with a variety of training and backgrounds to ensure a good fit for each situation.

While our Organizational Leadership Development program leverages powerful group experiences, Coaching allows for focused, personal work on the individual skills and personal character required to be an effective leader. It can provide support through challenging times, while helping leaders learn and grow from these experiences. We provide Coaching services in concert with Organizational Leadership Development, or as a standalone service.

To begin the process, a client interviews coaches to decide which coach is a good fit for them. Client and coach agree to work together on an engagement, then clarify objectives and implement a development plan. Although the tempo and duration of coaching varies, a coach will typically meet with the client every two to three weeks for three to six months.

Visit our staff page to view the bios of our lead coaches. There is no charge for initial interviews with coaches. We will be pleased to present a proposal following that initial meeting.

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