Organizational Leadership Development

Bring your leaders together to grow as a individuals and as a team. Your leaders work together in intensive sessions spread over a period of weeks or months, learning new skills, developing a shared sense of purpose, and doing real work for the organization under the guidance of ELA’s expert instructors.

Program Structure

We customize each program within a proven framework that produces significant growth for individual leaders and performance improvement for teams and organizations. These programs:

  • Bring together leaders in community to learn from one another.
  • Choose specific organizational challenges and opportunities to address together.
  • Engage participants in multiple sessions over a significant period of time.
  • Require participants to apply learning through practice and service.
  • Establish specific plans to improve organizational performance.

Most traditional leadership development programs present concepts and develop skills in a single encounter with the belief that a sufficiently powerful experience will lead to enduring change. Too often, the ecstasy of their experience dissipates rapidly, along with any hope of lasting impact.

Our leadership programs succeed because we engage participants over a period of three to twelve months to ensure the adoption of concepts and skills. Our programs also include a practical component, a deliverable that participants create to bring value back to their communities or organizations.

Participant Outcomes

  • Individual leaders develop vision to identify challenges and opportunities, along with the competencies and courage necessary to affect real change.
  • Leadership teams improve their effectiveness by building trust: they solve old problems, learn new skills, and establish shared commitments as a team.
  • Organizations benefit from the program’s focus on specific leadership challenges and opportunities.

Getting Started

We begin with a conversation to assess your organization’s challenges, opportunities and resources. Then we generate a proposal based on your objectives and requirements.

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