Law Enforcement

Police OfficerCops face real challenges and difficult situations every day. Too often, though, the greatest causes of stress arise not from the work of law enforcement but from problems within the agency. Even in agencies without major problems, it is easy for leaders to become complacent and reactive, trying to prevent mistakes rather than pursuing strategies that improve life in the communities we serve. Ethical leaders create and maintain a sense of purpose in law enforcement agencies. They inspire fellow officers to pursue excellence in service to communities.

Let Ethical Leaders in Action help you:

  • Train and prepare line and command officers to set and uphold professional standards and to motivate their team members to pursue excellence on a day to day basis.
  • Establish or renew a sense of purpose in a law enforcement agency, and motivate leaders at all levels to improve performance.
  • Create a common set of expectations and foster a clear sense of “one department,” across divisions, shifts, or units.
  • Maintain or restore public trust in the ethics and effectiveness of a professional law enforcement agency.

Our Services

In law enforcement, leadership is the critical factor for maintaining safe, effective, efficient operations. With paramilitary command structures in place, too many leaders rely on formal command and direction, and they get compliance…disengagement…and lackluster performance. Ethical leaders at all levels – from the Chief Law Enforcement Officer to the seasoned patrol officers of the night shift – can make the difference between an organization that meets minimal standards, and one which provides outstanding public service consistently and cost-effectively.

We work with leaders in police departments and sheriffs’ offices to develop and sharpen leadership skills among front-line supervisors, unit command, and departmental administration. We bring leaders together to solve the problems that are keeping agencies and teams from realizing their fullest potential, and to build cultures of ethical, effective leadership. Specific services include:

Organizational Leadership Development
Strategic and Leadership Consulting
Ethics and Leadership Consulting

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